Building relocation Structure Relocation & General Construction / Building Foundations / Heavy Load Moving / Crane and Wrecker Work / Planning and Consulting for Civil Engineering, Architecture, and other special types of construction.

The provision of environmentally friendly construction has become necessary in order to build a better environment for people to live. Here at AOI Co,Ltd. our construction methods and application systems take into consideration the preservation of the environment while providing you with technologically advanced construction methods. We endeavor to meet all your demands building the cities and towns of the future while preserving our heritage along with those buildings that have grown dear to us for future generations.

We pride ourselves on our workmanship and extensive experience. Leave everything to us.

Building relocation(Structure Relocation & General Construction)
Houses, historical buildings, temples, warehouses, stone monuments and trees.
IWhatever you want moved we can move it!

Settlement Differential Adjustment / leveling
We will do all the necessary surveillance, assessments in relation to buildings and their foundations as well as correcting settlement differential and construction.

Quake-resistant / Quake-absorbing Reinforcement Work
We undertake Quake-resistant/Quake-absorbing Reinforcement Work as measures against earthquakes.

*We are contracted by local Govt Authorities (Land Redevelopment dpt./Local Waterways dpt./Roadways dpt./Town Planning dpt./Traffic Safety dpt.) and are currently working on the New Tomei Expressway.

*Town planning, quantity survey/compensation consulting for town planning projects/land rearrangement projects for local municipalities.

*All building relocations, quantity surveys regarding building and repairs and construction.

- General Building Relocations -

*Building Relocation
*Heavy load moving
*Foundation reinforcement (building/civil engineering)
*Settlement Differential (building/civil engineering), settlement restoration /leveling(surveying/assessment/design/construction)
*Quake-resistance/Quake-absorbing(building/Civil engineering architecture), Reinforcement constructions, etc.

-Possess 4t Unik and 5t cranes to 50t rafter cranes and is
"JR's Appointed Emergency Operator"-

*Building Relocation
*Heavy load moving
*Foundation reinforcement (building/civil engineering)
*Settlement Differential (building/civil engineering), settlement restoration /leveling(surveying/assessment/design/construction)
*Quake-resistance/Quake-absorbing(building/Civil engineering architecture), Reinforcement constructions, etc.


Traditionally when heavy loads required moving they were lifted with levers and were pulled around by horses or humans. It is said that house relocation, (Hikiya), evolved and was inherited by firemen in the Edo-period particularly for the moving of houses or warehouses. In recent years these somewhat primitive techniques have come a long way allowing the shifting of large buildings, the vertical elevation of houses so that carports can be installed underneath them and for the reinforcement of weakened foundations among other things.

House/shop relocation Differential Settlement adjustment/recovery The construction of parking, shop and storage space on the ground floor.

*Structural relocation as a result of town planning road development projects. (Relocation)

*The elevation of 1 and 2 storey buildings for the construction of ground floor extensions such as carports, shops and storage space. (Structural Elevation)

*The disassembly of buildings piece by piece and the reassembly to its original form in a new location. (Dismantling/Relocation)

*The relocation of historical/heritage buildings and natural relics. (Heavy Load Removal/Relocation)

-Settlement Differential Investigation/assessment and foundation settlement and design-

*The leveling and restoration of foundations that has caused the leaning of buildings, cracks in foundations, foundation movement. (Settlement Restoration)

Q. Is it ok if the elevation height is high or the relocation distance is quite far?
A. It is no problem at all. Our Relocation,(Hikiya) professionals are willing to offer you all the information you need. Please call for an obligation free consultation.

Q. Will it be possible for us to remain living in the house while it is being moved?
A. Yes. You will be able to carry on with your lives as usual. It will not be necessary for you to organize or move personal belongings or furniture.

Q. Will we have use of the air conditioning, gas, water and bath during the process?
A. Yes, in most cases you will be able to use the air-conditioning, gas, and water as per usual. You will not be able to use the toilet however a temporary one will be provided.


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